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    You wouldn’t know anybody is supporting it if you got your news from ABC TV news.
    They only quoted the AMA and Dutton.

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    Ben Harris-Roxas

    The 7:30 Report and Lateline often seem to cast their net wider but the 7pm bulletin and News Breakfast on ABC2 both seem to draw on a pretty limited pool of health commentators. It’s probably linked to which groups make themselves most immediately available to the media.

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    It is exhausting trying to follow the changes being introduced. I am still struggling to work out the NHH plan. Like the Governing Council’s which are to be statutory authorities. State bodies, so the states have to legislate to set them up? When don’t meet performance standards, Commonwealth will REQUIRE the states to address. States now a lower level of management within a health hierarchy?

    As a believer in federalism would much prefer a total transfer of the power and system to feds, with hospital boards and the government facilitating/financially supporting real networks across the whole spectrum of health within a locality. If the US and Mexico can manage to develop border networks for health care with the assistance of networking brokers amongst others, seems quite credible for Australia to develop. They are of course networks, not formal management bodies part of a hierarchy.

    Why the drip drip. Why the pilot only addressing diabetes. Obama’s pilot scheme addresses 10 chronic diseases, starting in 2013. Does the following tell us what is yet to be dripped. Draft National Primary Care Strategy.

    To build such a modern primary health care system, there are 5 key building blocks:
    1. Regional integration
    2. Information and technology, including eHealth
    3. Skilled workforce
    4. Infrastructure
    5. Financing and system performance
    Drawing from these are 4 priority directions for change:
    • Key Priority Area 1: Improving access and reducing inequity
    • Key Priority Area 2: Better management of chronic conditions
    • Key Priority Area 3: Increasing the focus on prevention
    • Key Priority Area 4: Improving quality, safety, performance and accountability

    Are they randomly selecting elements as they bumble along? If not why not release the thing in its entirety. The response from Brumby would suggest it is being made up as it goes along. Bligh just seems to be out to lunch. How can we have confidence that this grand reform of the health system is not another poorly thought through hierarchical response by a control freak who doesn’t seem to be able to follow through on his grand global ideas. Previous experience should tell us that it is another disaster doomed to eventually crash. Not unreasonable to suspect that they are nowhere near consolidating their policy and plans, just looking at the coming election.

    Not entirely new, my daughter had a public/private shared care bundled obstetric service for the birth of her 2nd child. So care shared between GP and Hospital and Hospital obstetrician, and included scans, dieticians etc, with the option to request further services (she wanted an additional scan for reasons relating to the health of her first child) but paid for by patient/client.

    Just read the following article. So a product of the dreadful Howard era with voluntary signing up and design of “better” care plans all that is new? But the obstetrics bundle required signing up with a GP whose practice then managed appointments etc elsewhere. Even the signing up isn’t new. And as far as I know had flexibility built in to deal with individual circumstances. What a revolutionary reform he is giving us.

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    Barbara Mortimer

    First you have to develop diabetes. Isn’t the point of good public health policy to prevent the disease developing in the first place. Where is the common sense plan then?


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