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    “Indeed, as recently as 2010, a young Cairns couple were charged with abortion offences and successfully committed to trial. While a jury ultimately acquitted the pair, the experience was a traumatic one for two young people who didn’t believe they were doing anything wrong.”

    So a young man obtains RU486 (which wasn’t registered for use at the time, it is now) from the Ukraine of all places, gives it to his girlfriend who promptly takes it with no medical supervision to successfully abort at 60 days.
    So no prescription, no guarantee that the drug had gone through quality control, no medical supervision or follow up, and no counselling to ensure the boy friend hadn’t pressured her into it.
    This is a victory for women’s reproductive rights?

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    Norman Hanscombe

    Scott, don’t look for logical analysis in an article which relies on gender-based ‘arguments’ for the way ahead, especially when such absurd coalitions of the fervent willing in the article are likely to be counterproductive anyway.
    Marie means well — but.

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    Carla Clark

    Sorry, Norman, but when has a man ever gestated a pregnancy? I can see why woman would be so fervent and passionate about an issue when it directly affects them…. But, why don’t you speak to some of your US counterparts if you believe so passionately that gender-based arguments should not be relied upon for the way ahead? I mean, they are ACTUALLY using gender-based arguments as a way forward, such as: but, see, only so many women support abortion without limitation! That must mean we ‘manly men’, who will never experience pregnancy for ourselves, are right in determining what risks women can and should take in regards to the fourth deadliest medical condition for WOMEN, worldwide, aka PREGNANCY. Darn, eh?

    Marie, I hope NSW can achieve the same results as the Australian Capital Territory. Then on to the rest of the country. It would be the second country, next to my own, Canada, to have decriminalized abortion laws. And, like you stated, we have comparable rates of abortion to countries where it is illegal or heavily restricted. Hmmm….

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    Norman Hanscombe

    Carla, there was no need for you to say sorry. It’s sad though that you can’t understand, among other things, that your question “when has a man ever gestated a pregnancy?” highlights the fact that logical analysis in arguments clearly isn’t your forte.

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    “fourth deadliest medical condition for WOMEN, worldwide, aka PREGNANCY”

    I think instead of all women, you mean women of reproductive age (15-49). At least according to WHO statistics.

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    Stuart Coyle

    Scott, I’m sure that if abortion were legal and easily available in Queensland the Cairns couple would not have had to resort to buying an yet to be registered drug and administering it themselves.

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    Come on Stuart. In 2009, there were 15,000 odd abortions conducted in Queensland according to Medicare stats (and apparently those stats don’t include abortions performed in Public Hospitals). That’s the third highest in the Commonwealth after NSW (29,000) and VIC (18,000).
    Doesn’t sound too illegal or hard to access does it?
    The law is there to try to prevent the backyard operators and people doing it themselves (which, based on the Cairns Court Case lack of conviction, it did a pretty poor job)

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    As a woman, now of non reproductive age, I am sick to death of reading men commenting on women’s issues like abortion. I first demonstrated and was involved in abortion law reform over forty years ago when it was, as the author states, long overdue. It is still long overdue because men will not do anything to assist their wives, lovers, mothers and daughters when they either have had no access to or their contraception has failed. It is a disgrace and a sign of the lack of power of half the population that we are still seeking law reform in this area of medical (not moral) decision making.
    If you are male, please read the legislation in place and ponder what you would do if you were subject to it and had a short time frame to follow your decision through. Oh! and not enough money to go to Victoria or the ACT in the next couple of weeks.

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    Norman Hanscombe

    Daly, whether or not you’re “sick to death of reading men commenting on women’s issues”, until you manage to arrange for speech to be free only when you say so, try to live with it.
    As for your late arrival merely four decades back, while at that time I actually spearheaded a movement which saw abortion law policy changed within the ALP then and earlier, unlike you I accept it gives me no right to want the sorts of control over what now happens.


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