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    Joan Halford

    Is this true? Not using evidence-based practice? If so it is shocking and there is no wonder a lot of women are sceptical and opting out of the system. Can there still be a field of medical practice that systematically thumbs its nose at research and evidence? I find these allegations hard to swallow, yet on the other hand women and medicine have such a gory history that it is quite on the cards.

    Talk about playing into the hands of the quasi-religious home-birthing movement. Most women may not know why, but many have a strong sense that hospital births are not being done in the best way, albeit often with little clue as to the relative risks and benefits. Time to lift your game, fellas. Tell us the truth. Some of us incubators are sceptics who have studied science. If it turns out you are just as waffly as the touchy-feelies, we’ll be onto you.


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