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    I don’t discount the validity of the above questions, which I admit I haven’t read in their entirety as they were too numerous, but I do see a number of the questioners obviously didn’t pay close attention to the detail of the speech — which addressed those questions (otherwise they wouldn’t have asked).

    It strikes me that the above is why radical reform is never seen through or moves incredibly slowly — the number of anomalies in a system so large makes broad and sweeping change appear unworkable.

    It would be good if these questioners could suggest solutions that fit the model in order to provide for appropriate change instead of throwing up roadblocks to stymie the change that NEEDS to take place.

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    Jen, the questions were posted before the speech. The idea of the post was to give readers and journalists some ideas for evaluating the announcement when it came.

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    Ahh, sorry Croakey — I found the story after the speech and assumed those questions were posed post speech as well.

    Did any of the journalists pay attention in your opinion?


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