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    John Mendoza’s take on things also interesting.

    Says Rudd likely deposed in 2010 as much for concerns for Rudd’s personal wellbeing as for dysfunctional governance.

    Sounds like Rudd completely unhinged. And that leopard’s spots don’t change:

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    Mendoza is just another spiv hunting more money for McGorry’s now dead program.

    Roxon was the minister, it was up to her to develop and deliver policy so why is she blaming Rudd.

    Perhaps people do not understand that ministers are supposed to do their own work while the PM does theirs.

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    ron batagol

    What frustrates me is that the journos don’t ask, or are too afraid to ask, the two questions of Gillard (who’s in charge at this time), that are obvious to everyone else in the country.

    1. Why weren’ the electorate good enough to tell the truth to about the June 2010 overthrow of Rudd for the last year and a half, and did you fudge the truth then or are you fudging it now, when you now say that all his personal faults were the reason for getting rid of him? In other words, how can we ever believe anything you say?

    2. Shouldn’t the Labor caucus say to Cabinet ” You guys seem to have nothing more or less than a high-profile industrial workplace dispute on your hands-senior managers don’t like the way the boss conducts his business! You’d expect others to sort these issues out within ” the executive management workplace”, so why don’t you stop bad-mouthing each other, sytart to act like mature senior exectutives and do just that, instead of expecting all of us to do it for you!

    I mean, really, are we supposed to feel sorry for, or indeed, respect these poor petals? How can they run the country if they can’t even get their internal business relations right after all this time in a way that any other large business organisation would!!

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    You got that right Ron. Ministers are paid the big bucks to do their own frigging jobs. I mean how many underlings in business ever meet the CEO.

    They are behaving like a pack of spoilt brats over nothing much at all.

    If Roxon did not like it she has a big enough mouth to handle Abbott, I feel sure she could have handled Rudd.

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    And has everyone forgotten that the referendum was party policy at the 2007 election and Roxon simply lied about him making it up.


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