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    Let’s hope that this funding boost prompts an examination of best-practice prevention and treatment models. One remarkable example comes to mind.
    About ten years ago, researchers in the UK decided to ‘get back to basics’ in understanding emotional health. They looked at what new insights the disciplines of neuroscience, sociology, and biology could offer. The search yielded amazing
    results – a series of ‘givens’ or bedrock truths that better explain what it means to be psychologically well, and what to do when things go wrong.

    Reported in a current British Psychological Society journal, this new approach to mental health is proving to be “a highly effective treatment for service users presenting with a variety of problems, particularly anxiety and depression”. A major UK university now offering a masters degree in the approach describes it as “the best organising idea in the mental health field today”.

    Perhaps, the reported ‘quiet revolution in healthcare’ in the UK could offer new insights for professionals here and better hope for sufferers.


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