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    Jon Hunt

    Apparently there is no evidence that home care type services are better or cheaper than hospital (did I read this here?). One of the problems with Aboriginal people is that they are often itinerant, and it is often a bugger of a job trying to find someone, so I have some doubts about this one. Unless they are that sick they are going no-where.

    As for dental, well, that is as important as any other health problem so I often wondered why it was not covered under medicare. I have seen two people with life threatening problems from dental infections, and Aboriginal people almost without exception have pretty bad dentition. It was not that uncommon to view a mouth full of stumps (I apologise for the mental image this may produce). One other problem is getting dentists to the country; no after hours or weekend services and waiting lists weeks long.

    Nevertheless it is probably about time this was covered!

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    Hi Jon
    I may be wrong but I think you are misunderstanding the “health care home” concept. It’s not about home care versus community care, but about trying to ensure continuity of care for people with complex or chronic conditions, for eg having them register with a particular primary care service or surgery.

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    Jon Hunt

    The implication is that there is currently discontinuity of care. I’d like to see their evidence.

    And I admit to being too lazy to read the document.

    Hmm.. To be honest I don’t really know what they are on about, and the more I read the more it seems that the report was done from a nice comfy leather chair on the 15th floor of an air-conditioned office block in a CBD somewhere.

    A couple of problems immediately come to mind.

    Where will they find the allied health people, the nurses et al to provide this service? Isn’t there a shortage in the public system already? Will people drop everything and chuck in their nice sports physio clinic for one of these community care centres? Presumably you would become promoted to a government employee.

    Don’t public hospitals already provide this service? Physios, PT, psychologist, mental health workers all in the one coordinated place? Isn’t this a great system? Not when you have to wait months for an appointment.

    And many rural areas already have much the same thing. Physio, OT, psychologist, mental health workers in the one building. They never have enough staff. Of course that’s rural, they will never have enough of anything, but it does raise some questions. I can not recall thinking “hey, this is a great way of doing things!” because to me it was the same as having them spread around town. Except I only had to remember the one phone number, and presumably the patient only had to know the one address. But then again I guess that is an advantage.

    Perhaps I might read that report after all.


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