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    Frank Campbell

    The time has been right for decades. A reeking scandal.

    And the seven-year delay could mean nothing much will happen…

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    David King

    Bureaucratic garbage is what is proposed.

    It is not about the money, there is so much money floating around in the system that it’s obscene.

    Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, fix the existing system first and after fixing it then you can reform and improve.

    Like most things today the proposals are just about a grab for more money, it does not address anything for the people, as always they come a bad last.

    People are put into what accounts to penal institutions with the controlling influence being how much money the operators can squeeze out of the system, when they reach the limit of not being able to squeeze any more we hear about a reform program.

    It’s just politics and money and when organizations that are supposed to be there for the protection of the elderly and disadvantaged get on the band wagon with self serving remarks it makes me sick

    If organizations really care for the elderly it is not necessary to have research into it, the research can be accomplished with a few short conversations with people who have experienced the problems.

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    Jess Inspire

    Frank is right, the time has been right for decades! With 1 in 20 Australians set to be working within aged care by 2050 (or 5% of the population) Aged Care Courses are set to boom!


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