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    Captain Col

    One suggestion would be to get questions asked on Q&A. This was the point of discussion on Crikey a couple of weeks ago when a group of ex-Servicemen and ex-public servants were offered three places in the audience to ask Lindsay Tanner to change the method of indexing pensions. Before the show they started an email campaign to all those affected to lobby Q&A and politicians. Tony Jones said he was amazed at the interest shown by the number of emails so felt obliged to allow a question. It was an issue that would never normally make it into this sort of show or even get much from the main stream media.

    Crikey bloggers thought this was wrong accusing Q&A of falling for a stack. Lots of subsequent discussion and eventually Q&A responded with an article in The Drum referring to this and other issues about how the audience is selected, essentially showing they strive for balanced audiences.

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    Leo Braun

    “Today we’ve asked a health communications expert for some tips on how to get the issue onto the public, policy, political and professional agenda”! Dr Ragg writes: “We’ve all seen, and many of us would have exploited at various times in our careers”…


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