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    Doctor Whom

    No Pharmacists are not the most inward looking but their Guild is. Its no accident of naming that it is still called a Guild.

    Can I perhaps quote from Wiki:

    A guild is an association of craftsmen in a particular trade.

    “The earliest guilds were formed as confraternities of workers. They were organized in a manner something between a trade union, a cartel and a secret society. They often depended on grants of letters patent by an authority or monarch to enforce the flow of trade to their self-employed members, and to retain ownership of tools and the supply of materials. A lasting legacy of traditional guilds are the guildhalls constructed and used as meeting places. The modern patent system was set up to break the power of the guilds.”

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    Pharmacists are just pure greed. The outrageous rort-rule that you can’t set up a pharmacy within 1.5km of another one just guarantees multi million dollars for these glorified shopkeepers- and what do they do? Hand over a packet of tablets while wearing a white coat. Unbelievable. Stop the closed shop now!


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