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    Rocket Rocket

    Calls by pharmacists to provide more of basic health care, such as doing vaccinations (which I suppport), surely would be taken more seriously if they actually fulfilled their role as health care professionals, instead of snake-oil salespeople.

    Please – let Supermarkets or the like sell all the non-proven “treatments”, and join the 21st Century of health care.

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    Michael Young

    As a pharmacy operations type in the retail side of the industry part of my role was to advise pharmacist owners on range and margins in the “front of shop” essentially the retail area beyond the dispensary. I know for a fact homeopathic products in a typical pharmacy accounted for a minuscule number of lines ranged, sales and very little if any profit as they would often go out of date. They were demand driven meaning that customers in the local area wanted them ranged. I would defend pharmacists on this as they are looking after their locals.

    It was actually dumb business to increase the ranges, promote or push these types of products as effort elsewhere delivered way more bucks.

    Vitamins on the other hand are far more profitable but that’s another story!

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    Kate Sommerville

    I think this is all a storm in a tea cup.

    It seems that pharmacists have to sell other products to maintain the viability of their businesses.

    I’m not equating pharmacies with petrol stations but I remember when the latter started selling food and grocery items as well as petrol. Service stations became retail outlets rather than places where you got your car fixed.

    I’m quite happy that pharmacy stores have gone into retail. They have a range of goods that can’t be purchased elsewhere in my neighbourhood.

    The discussion about the merits of homoeopathy is something else altogether. An informed customer would see a homoeopathic practitioner rather than buy products off the shelf. Customers have an obligation to take responsibility for their own purchases as well.

    I doubt that conventional medicine has anything to fear fro alternative medicine. In fact, I wish practitioners from both parts of the spectrum would work more closely together. Sometimes they do and when that happens, it’s great.

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    I would have thought that the ‘poll’ you quoted (which I particpiated in) would have shown you that pharmacists in general are not supportive of homeopathy.
    A major problem is that constant squeezing of the sector by its majority client (Medicare) is encouraging the rise of the ‘big box’ chemists such as Chemist Warehouse. They are driven entirely by a ‘whatever it takes’ financial business model. Don’t look to them for ethical behaviour. Sadly, the fiscal environment means that the independent is going be increasingly pressured and there is little or no reward for behaving ethically.

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    I might also say that the Blackmore’s ‘Coke and Fries’ deal was abandoned in no small part due to the horror expressed by pharmacists themselves in response to the deal brokered by the pharmacy owner’s Guild


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