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    Calling for complete removal of all in-situ construction asbestos is over the top. Half if not more of the industrial zones of our major cities, not to mention large proportions of our residential areas, are constructed of asbestos cement sheeting. It is simply not feasible or sensible to call for immediate wholesale removal – it creates more risk than it mitigates.

    In situ, when inspected and maintained in satisfactory condition (not damaged or worn), asbestos cement sheet represents a low risk. Demolition risks releasing fibres during removal so must be carried out with great care, and at great expense.

    There need to be protocols requiring long-term monitoring and progressive removal of construction asbestos, but calling for knee-jerk immediate removal is a poor allocation of resources and does little to mitigate the long-term health burden to individuals and the community from asbestos-related diseases.

    As a hygienist specialising in asbestos once told me, you are at greater risk standing on a street corner, from exposure to asbestos from old car brake pads, than you are standing in a building clad in asbestos cement.

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    Rosslyn Envall

    I wanna know about the houses that are partially demolished and then transported by road to other locations with no apparent checks as to whether asbestos is present, or has been disturbed in the removal process.

    How does this affect residents near the house’s original site, along the route along which the house is transported, or the new site, where the old house is put together again?


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