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    Trevor Kerr

    Good try, Melissa. Don’t you think it will be hard to shift the debate away from the money, though?
    Tim Harford (Undercover Economist) wrote
    “.. it is true that patients do not today have the information they need to make sensible decisions about buying their own healthcare. But then, why would they, given the current systems? I recall the local press in the US being full of articles along the lines of “the city’s 50 best dermatologists”. Value for money was never mentioned, but ask patients to buy their own treatment and you can be sure that such articles would soon be supplemented by the medical equivalent of “cheap eats” reviews.”

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    Trevor Kerr

    Re the item on 7.30 Report about the efficacy of vertebroplasty. No-one spoke about costs.

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    David Roberts

    Maybe it’s time a TV campaign went out like Quit & TAC on junk food. Peter Greenaway was just out – my choice for director. The sort of imagery of “The cook, the thief..” may do some good.


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