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    ron batagol

    Like most people who stop to think about it, especially those in the health field, I am in favour of anything which will reduce the well-established risks of a high incidence of morbidity and mortality in the community from a wide-range of debilitating diseases which arise directly from cigarette smoking. Now, I’d be the last person to try to denigrate the very worthy and courageous aims of the proposed ground-breaking legislative changes, but, we all know only too well, that, even with bipartisan support, the proposed legislation is fraught with legal challenges that could thwart of even prevent the introduction of plain packaging on all cigarettes products. However, even if, after all that, the changes do go ahead, can someone please tell me what is to stop cigarette companies from bankrolling tobacconists and even enterprising folk in every Sunday markets, to do a great line in eye-catching covers with snappy and colourful logos, that will fit over plain packs of cigarettes- just look at the booming market in stubby holders for beer drinkers! Frankly, I think it would be impossible to legislate to prevent this occurring, and if it has occurred to me, I’m sure the cigarette manufacturers have already thought of it!!

    So, I am not for one minute saying, don’t go ahead with the legislation, but just expressing concern as to how effective it may be in the long run, in dealing effectively with cigarette addiction and all the adverse health consequences that flow from it!

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    Becky Freeman

    When graphic warnings came in this same prediction was made, and yes some “entrepreneurs” did think this was a ticket to get rich quick, well you’d be hard pressed to see many, if any, smokers using these slip covers today. I remember they sold for about 5 cents in Canada and no one bought them. Also, in Canada, smokers that took steps to hide or conceal the graphic warnings were actually more likely to quit – seems the more bothered you are the more they are effecting you. Of course tobacco companies would be unable to make any such products that had any registered trademarks on them as this would violate existing advertising laws.

    As to fancy cigarette cases, perhaps these will come back in vogue one day, just as they were in the 1930’s – but cases were in fashion then despite having no warnings on packs, and lots of pretty and masculine packs were also available, so fashion trends can change regardless – and again, these cases would not be able to be tobacco industry branded. Besides, you can buy cigarette cases today, and there doesn’t seem to be a booming trade.


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