Croakey GO – profiling healthy travels and pursuits, and #WalkingJournalism

#CroakeyGO was launched in August 2016 to provide a platform to profile healthy, active, sustainable holidays and other cultural pursuits.

Over time, the project is also developing as a form of #WalkingJournalism – whereby we walk and talk with our contributors and readers, while also tweeting up a storm to profile health issues, whether local, national or global. #WalkingJournalism is also a platform for acknowledging Traditional Owners and the importance of caring for country.

If you are interested in members of the Croakey team joining you and your communities in acts of #WalkingJournalism, please be in touch.

We hope #CroakeyGO will add another layer to Croakey’s offerings for readers, and that it will also encourage our readership to consider health, sustainability and the wellbeing of the planet in your lives outside of work. We welcome contributions and ideas for this series.

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