On the longest night of this year, 21 June, Croakey will hold its inaugural #CroakeyRead event. Inspired by the Icelandic Christmas tradition of reading through the night, this will be a virtual and IRL event where we attempt to do an all-nighter – reading, sharing and discussing our favourite books and writing.

Croakey readers and contributors will be encouraged to host reading slumber parties, and we will use social media channels to connect and share our readings and discussions. We will be reading with purpose – to highlight issues, to pay tribute to the work of writers, and for social pleasure and interaction.

The aims include:

• provide a platform for discussions about health-related matters and key Croakey topics, eg health equity, social determinants, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives, public interest journalism, neoliberalism, climate change, environment.

• provide a platform for sharing news of good books, promoting diverse authors

• provide a platform for engagement with Croakey and our wider mission

• if it ‘works’ this year, we could build it as a platform for fund-raising, for eg for Indigenous Literacy Foundation in future years.


A program running from 6.30pm on 21 June to 6.30 am on 22 June, featuring authors, readers and others. Croakeys will take shifts to moderate the discussions and compile a running post at Croakey – adding key links, tweets, selfies etc. So that the next morning, there will be a large wrap of the overnight discussions to greet readers on the Australian timezone.

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