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    Well whatever happens the doctors will end up with fat profits at taxpapers expense. These ‘thieves in white coats’ (Australia’s most powerful trade union) are able to endlessly demand more and more money for doing basic tasks, and all the while the specialists keep numbers down to keep their own disgusting incomes up.

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    I’m glad to hear that someone is finally questioning this dubious assumption (that financial incentives change behavior in a practice that people primarily enter for non-financial reasons). There is no evidence that paying corporate executives more in incentives improves their performance, only their degree of risk taking, as the GFC demonstrated. Why should we believe it will do better with GPs? Economists automatically assume this, as though supplying medical services is akin to buying oranges. We need better theories of motivation in our labor market analyses.

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    Duggy the DC3

    Thanks for tarring all doctors with the same Brush @john2066. The point is that throwing money at a problem rarely fixes it, it only encourages certain people to fudge figures or flick the hard patients elsewhere so they get the cash as documented in reviews of the NHS in the UK. IMHO the biggest abusers of the tax dollar are the Hospitals and state Health Systems where waste is profligate and hidden. Disadvantaged groups I would suspect be less likely to see the advantages of targeted care especially in rural and remote communities.


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