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    Daniel Reeders

    I am loving Tim’s posts here – such a readable combination of experience, expertise and philosophical insight.

    Another good book on this subject is Paul Komesaroff’s “Experiments in Love and Death – Medicine, Postmodernism, Microethics and the Body” — a far more ponderous title than Schuftan’s, to be sure. His concept of microethics in the clinical encounter is relevant and helpful.

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    Jennifer Doggett

    Jennifer Doggett

    I totally agree Daniel – Tim is really making me think! Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll check it out and I’m sure other Croakey readers will be interested too.

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    Tim Senior

    Thanks very much for those kind words, Daniel. And thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll seek that out.
    Incidentally, there are some comments at the original posting here, too, which are interesting.

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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    Readers may also be interested in this powerful piece by US nurse Amy Berman, re her personal experiences with an incurable disease and a system that pushed aggressive interventions rather than respecting her choices around prioritising quality of life. She concludes: “What about the millions of older Americans facing a terminal illness or chronic disease? How can they possibly stand up to the juggernaut of our health system and say, “No. I want care that focuses on my goals, care that is centered on me.” We need to make it easier for everyone to obtain care that fits their health care goals. How can we change the system and the measurement of quality to place the patient at the center? I call on everyone involved in health care practice and reform efforts to give serious thought about how we can reorient our health care system toward patient-centered care.”

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    Charles Alpren

    What a wonderful article, thanks Tim. All I can add is that my own experience of involving patients and stressing their perspective in teaching is always received with surprise, delight and enthusiasm by students.


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