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    Alison Supple

    Thank you for this article. For over forty years I have had the same ‘conversation’ with doctors in three states. I am not 59. I have been ‘fighting fat’ for all those years. I finally went to a ‘dietician’ last year. I wrote out my ‘diet’ for a week. She looked at it. I was hopeful that I would be told something new, some wonderous miracle information….she said; Really everything you are doing is fine…it must be ‘portion size’.
    One day, I think, after all these years of knowing about protein, grains, carbs, dairy, fruit and veges, they will find after all it is a combination of genetics, portion sizes and most importantly, psychology. One day they will find ‘fat’ means ’emotion’ in many cases. NOT just a case of ‘food in, exercise out’ attitude. It is NEVER easy. Never has been never will be. It is complex and personal and smarmy doctors, the ‘it is simple, it is your fault, fat is fair game brigade’ will never be the solution. They are part of the problem, just like the psychiatrists of the 1920/30’s were part of the problem of mental illness were a part of the problem…never the ‘cure’.
    Thank you for this piece.


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