Donating to Croakey

Croakey receives core funding of $2,500 per month, thanks to a consortium of organisations convened by the Public Health Association of Australia, under an MoU of editorial independence. More detail about the arrangements is here.

This funding is divided between four moderators each month, for their time in writing, commissioning, editing,  publishing and sharing articles.

Currently, we are seeking to raise additional funds to cover:

• $1,200 annual fee for website hosting
• $550 per month payment to Mitchell Ward for ongoing web development, maintenance of the site, and other creative input – ie $6,000 to cover until the end of August, 2016.
• $500 IT expenses
• Any additional funds will help support the overall management and development of Croakey (much of this work is currently probono).

Acknowledgement of donors

The Croakey team thanks everyone who supports our work. All donors are listed below, unless otherwise requested.

Total raised to date from donations: $1,745
(Last updated 2 June, 2016)

Warm thanks to these generous donors

Lawrence Apps
Kathryn Barnsley
Sue Bond
Brian Donovan
Ben Eltham
Michael Fasher
Helen Garth
Associate Professor Julie Leask
Professor Stephen Leeder
Greg Randolph
Clinton Schultz
Jan Sweet
Professor Jeanette Ward
Dr Lesley Russell Wolpe

Other funding sources

Croakey also raises funds via a 10 per cent toll on payments to contributors to the Croakey Conference News Service and professional services.

Total raised to date: $2,583
(Last updated 2 June, 2016)

Croakey also raises funds via subscriptions to a weekly digest.

Total raised to date: $1,965
(Last updated 2 June, 2016)

Other contributions

Our warm thanks to Frank Meany for supporting a number of Croakey projects, including a grant to enable coverage of the inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention conference.

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