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    cud chewer

    So much is obvious. But what explains the raw, almost religious passion with which people will defend the practice of eating meat? Of course, there have been many things written about this. But few have discussed the actual process of weaning people emotionally and intellectually off meat. At least the dead-animal version. As a vegan purely for ethical reasons, its interesting how taboo the issue is. Forget about the ethical blind spot people have for cows. We are so attached to meat its going to take more than mass starvation for us to seriously introspect about it.

    Speaking of taboo, its interesting to note that despite the enormity of the issue, the inescapable calculus that we are going to run out of basic resources and humans are going to starve, that articles like this just aren’t making it into the mainstream media.

    The only ray of hope is technology. Giving people tasty lumps of flesh-analogue. And a world where this happens is also a world where more people discover that there are more individuals with lives worth living than there are humans. A twisted and delicious irony.

    Of course, getting there requires a collective response. Can’t see that happening just yet :/


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