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    Does anyone know any more details of why this flood is so bad? Much of Pakistan is a known flood plain, and flood levels are very predictable once you know the catchment and rainfall. Is this rainfall event exceptionally severe? Has something else occurred to make it unusually bad? the first reporting of this was over a week ago now, but it has taken a long time for it to become clear that it affected 14 million people.

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    OK just found an answer to my own question – these floods have been caused by an unusually severe monsoon rain event, which hasn’t yet finished. The flooding started in the north near Kashmir, where teh population is smaller. The number of people affected has increased greatly as the floodwaters move down into teh much more heavily populated Indus Valley.

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    Agree – completely.
    Given the magnitude of the crisis, if would be more than fitting for us to hear our leaders rallying more support for Pakistan, using their ‘limelight’ as you say.
    At World Vision our Appeal target is now 4 times what it started at, purely because the the numbers affected sky rocketed – and in a matter of days.. 3-4million has now become 20 million. It’s unbelievable.
    Our leaders have failed to speak to any vision for engaging the international community this election, and its disturbing particularly in the context of one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in recent history.
    @AmyShand from @WorldVisionAus


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