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    rob donovan

    I think it’s a bit strong to call Mendoza & Rosenberg’s comments an “attack” on bb – I took their main point as funds for mental health should be more fairly distributed rather than focusing funds for mental health in one organisation – and, from my point of view as the founder of a mental health promotion campaign, this particular focussing tends to discount the value of promotion and prevention campaigns.

    ps I believe the short-lived man therapy initiative was not so much the result of independent formative research but simply somebody’s idea to copy the US man therapy campaign (

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      Tim Mac

      Hasn’t man Therapy been around for years now? For an advertising campaign that’s a lifetime. I also managed to find the ‘rationale’ behind man Therapy (and the evaluations) pretty quickly on google: Funny that they authors attacked the lack of research wtihout doing research themselves by the looks of it 😀

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      John Mendoza

      Indeed. An attack is more like the tirade launched by the beyondblue Chairman on Malcolm Turnbull. Now that’s an attack.

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    John Mendoza

    I just wish to respond to the statement that “The attacks on beyondblue by Mendoza and Rosenberg go back many years and one could get distracted by trying to understand what motivates them.”

    I’m not aware of any comments/critiques or “attacks” on beyondblue made by myself or my co-author ever. I would appreciate if the alleged attacks could be cited or the comment withdrawn.

    Further, the pre- and post evaluations of beyondblue campaigns are not in the public domain nor reported in the professional literature. Given the very generous level of government funding for beyondblue, that would seem to be reasonable.

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      Greg Franklin

      I can only agree with what you have posted John. It is not an attack to point out that an organisation may not be operating in the most effective manner, or reaching all of its intended target group, etc. I made an opening statement to the NDIS Joint Standing Committee into psychosocial, and name Beyound Blue, and 2 other NGO’s as not being effective in dealing with the cohort who have moved to the Chronic depressive state, with these people actually having their condition exacerbated by their contact. They then reach out to untrained and unpaid people like myself. That statement will be in Hansard. And I, a sufferer of Depression, will no doubt be accused of attacking a “sacred cow”. The prevention of suicide is necessary, as the number grows. But we need to target the way we try and do this more effectively.


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