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    Alecia Staines

    This is great. I do feel maternity reform has taken a back seat for some time, but crosses over into so many of these top 5. Equitable access to services- women having to travel hundreds of kilometres to find a care provider who will support her to have the birth SHE wants. Violence against women- we still are hearing so much obstetric/midwife violence towards women in this country during birth and pregnancy- no consent for invasive procedures, women bullied into assuming positions/medication/procedures. And birth rights are Human rights, denied to so many. Whilst homebirth isn’t for every mum, it needs to be available- we know from various research and practice homebirth for low risk women is just has safe as a hospital birth- yet restrictions on midwife registration, the lack of concern about extending the homebirth “exemption” for insurance by the government and increasing “hoops” to jump through, will mean safe, attended homebirths by registered practitioners will soon leave the landscape of this country, as more women employ unregistered attendance or freebirth. Birth rights are human rights and a measure of a countries freedom can be via the way it treats it’s birthing mothers- in this country it’s terrible.


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