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The Australian Injury Prevention Network

Welcome to the Australian Injury Prevention Network

Every day, 26 people in Australia are killed through injury, and 1200 people are hospitalized.

This can be prevented, injury is no accident.

The Australian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN) is the peak national body advocating for injury prevention and safety promotion in Australia.

The AIPN represents the growing industry of injury prevention and safety promotion researchers and practitioners around Australia whilst advocating to raise the profile, and influence change, in this important area of public health.

Through national conferences, publications, events, advocacy activities and research, the Network benefits from its high profile, influential membership base of leading injury prevention researchers, and those working to reduce the incidence of injury and harm throughout Australia.

The scope of the AIPN interest areas includes:

  • Injury prevention
  • Safety promotion
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Research and surveillance
  • Education and training
  • Information exchange

Examples of the AIPN’s work includes:

  • 12th Australasian Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, the biennial conference of the AIPN, welcoming over 250 of the regions leading injury prevention specialists
  • A range of position papers covering a range of topics including Quad Bikes, Bicycle Helmets, Mobility Scooters and Alcohol and Injury
  • Industry recognized awards acknowledging achievement in injury prevention policy, research and practice
  • Contributions to national and international discussions on injury prevention including UN Global Road Safety Committee and WHO

The Executive Committee look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Network, and you are encouraged to become an active member of the Network and benefit from the information shared, and the other members’ participation.

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