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    Simon Chapmam

    Hi Terry,

    Nice piece – I agree 100% and you must be very pleased with all the tweets!

    But sorry to bring this up, your disclosure at the end of the piece is a little … well … incomplete. It’s very relevant to know that you used to work for politicians. But also very relevant to also know what you are up to these days. One of your gigs is that you are a ‘fellow’ in ‘Lifestyle economics’ at London’s Institute of Economic Affairs . You even have an English phone number listed there!

    For those who don’t know, the IEA is a right wing think tank which has money poured into it by big tobacco and who knows who else (disclosure not being a priority) to defend their interests. See &

    Your boss there is angry boy Christopher Snowdon ( who regularly writes splenetic bile about public health like this

    My guess is that 99.9% of Croakey readers would reach for any anti-nauseant within a few paragraphs of Snowdon’s fare. He once published a tweet about an English agency which was concerned about “elderly, frail and chronically unwell people” living in poorly heated housing in winter. They were advocating a policy to ensure that a minimum temperature of 18C could be guaranteed in housing policy.

    Appalled, Snowdon tweeted that “I yearn for the resignation and suicide of everyone who works at this pointless, tax-sponging quango” (see

    Call me a bleeding heart, but that’s one of the most disgusting statements I think I’ve ever read.

    So I’m intrigued. Why is it that you wrote such a helpful article for Croakey, Australia’s premier public health website, when you apparently feel comfortable helping Snowdon and his ilk along with their mission?

    It’s a serious question.

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    Great tips for advocates & lobbyists.

    Thanks Terry.

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    Terry Barnes

    I know Simon Chapman can be passionate and very outspoken in advocating his causes, and confronting his opposition,, but I am disappointed with his implication that I do not speak and write for myself, and that I am concealing connections well and truly on the public record.

    I will respond fully to Professor Chapman, and some of the specific and general questions he raises, with another Croakey post. But as part of his own advocacy practice, I do suggest he considers the merits of point 5 of the six-point advice in my article.


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