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    Doctor Whom

    “ could also see it as a fascinating example of the potential offered by new media for breaking down some of the political and bureaucratic barriers that inhibit open public discussion about the health system…”

    Or you could see it as an online version of a 1970’s student union shitsheet by the Trots – full of self righteous revolutionary vanguard fervor, with words like “democracy” , “human Rights” and so on.

    I don’t know anything about Katoomba Hospital – for all I know it might be an overstaffed, unsafe, low quality place without adequate equipment, skills or patients to sustain the old style fiefdoms and cushy jobs for locals –

    or it might well be a lean, efficient but friendly high quality service at the cutting edge of modern healthcare being done over by ignorant and vindictive NSW bureaucrats..

    or it might be a normal good enough caring and important service being unfairly hit by a one size fits all downsizing by central office..?

    Unfortunately blogs like to one the staff have up don’t offer us anything to judge the facts at all.

    It is a pity – because a few facts from the inside could help their case – or not perhaps.

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    Donkey Hotay

    Doctor Whom wrote:
    “Unfortunately blogs like to one the staff have up don’t offer us anything to judge the facts at all. ”
    I think you have missed the point. If you read the blog and the email, the blog doesn’t exist to provide information for YOU all, so its quite pointless judging it on that basis. What would be the point of informing YOU of what is going on in the hospital? What are YOU going to do about it? Do YOU even care? The blog’s stated purpose is to inform the local community which the hospital serves who DO care and CAN do something about it. And it is working:

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    Joanna Mendelssohn

    Just in case you think the staff at Katoomba are being a tad paranoid about going public with their problems with poor management, take a look at today’s SMH


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