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    Would be surprising if Moodie agreed to come to Canberra — or maybe he would work from Melbourne, or maybe the Agency will be in Melbourne, or…hmmm, the field has widened — both Ken Henry and John Brumby are presumably available.

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    Gavin Mooney

    Ken Henry is the person. We desperately need someone at the National Preventive Health Agency who would see prevention in broad terms and breathe policy life in Australia into the social determinants of ill-health, in particular poverty and inequality. Henry would be so well placed to do that.
    Indeed in a speech in September 2009 he noted: ‘The unequal distribution of growth, opportunities and outcomes for individuals suggests that such a ‘macro’ measure of wellbeing [GDP] shows an insufficient appreciation of what is going on in society.’
    Henry could also provide the fresh blood and fresh thinking about prevention that we need.

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    Intriguing possibility, but how good are his ‘behavioural economics’ credentials? And he didn’t recommend a restructure of alcohol tax, as per National Preventive Task Force recommendations…


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