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    Captain Col

    My suggestion is don’t bother to use the sort of talk in this article. Forget about carbon footprints, carbon literacy and numeracy, and other such tripe. Instead deliver services in the most cost effective way and forget about the rest. Do more cost/benefit analyses, and worry less about carbon savings. These are taxpayers dollars being spent here and the aim is to deliver cost effective health outcomes. The aim is not to deliver less health outcomes, but in some sort of feel good way.

    I would question statements like ‘.. Hospitals are now generating 40-50 per cent of their electricity onsite using cogeneration fired by natural gas, resulting in an average 15 per cent reduction in energy consumption across the Sydney West Area Health Service.’

    Is the power so generated cheaper than that provided by the grid? If so, turn the hospitals into power stations and sell power to the grid and put those nasty coal fired stations out of business. I simply don’t see how generating your own power reduces your own energy consumption. The two are unrelated. My experience of cogeneration (and I do have some) is that on-site generation is much more expensive but useful to have where loss of power is critical and an emergency source is essential.

    By all means continue with lighting and energy upgrades, water recycling etc, but do the cost benefit analysis (remembering there’s still no carbon tax or cost).

    I can imagine the mandarins sniggering about this one, ‘measures to encourage people to travel to its services by walking, cycling, buses and trains.’ Their minister would have loved them to spin the lack of car parking at hospitals into a positive thing. Head split open? Take an easy stroll to your nearest hospital and enjoy the view on the way.

    I suspect the effort and $$$ expended in this pursuit would have been better spent on removing red tape not adding to it … or even tending the sick.


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