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    Ruth Brown

    Ruth Brown

    I too read the original MJA article and noted the way every news outlet had a pretty twisted account of what it was actually about. The actual article was saying that DOCS already get involved with some obese kids in extreme situations — using the fictional Jade case as an example — and suggested they needed clearer guidlelines on how and when this should occur. Yet the media either ran with it as a doctor urging authorities to “take kids away” from their parents if they get too fat, or, as you say, ran with Jade AS the story (the Hun’s original headline was something particularly stupid like “Obese girl, 4, throws tantrums when she can’t eat what she wants”).

    Now, I’m guessing the MJA put out a press release originally, and that was what garnered all this attention in the first place, and it’s possible that, as often happens with more scientific journals, they sexed the story up a bit and thus the journos got the wrong end of the stick. But nevertheless, the original article is very easily available online, is pretty short, and is simple to understand. The reporters should have read it, and none of the articles I read on it indicated that they had bothered — and if they did, they then blatantly misrepresented what it was saying, which is even worse.

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    Kate Deakin

    Thanks to the crikey tipoff, I posted a comment on the Daily Tele website yesterday (at the link you supplied above). Strangely enough, my comment has not been published.


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