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    Thembi Soddell

    A great post! Thanks for giving voice to someone who understands the effects of MI and its treatments from the inside.

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    This is all relative for people with real psychosis, but their are two types of psychosis with two different treatment regimes or practices, one being real psychosis, and the other being a transient drug induced psychosis, which is a psychosis caused purely from street drugs basically, and for a major study on psychosis one would assume they would have to include the two types, seeing as there is only two different types, and yet a statement was made to this effect in relation to the other type of psychosis which reads, “Transient psychotic disorders related to acute substance intoxication or withdrawal are not the
    focus of the current survey.” so much for a major comprehensive study. I wonder what they have to say about that. And I wonder if they will respond to these people. Don’t hold your breath.


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