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    walker james

    This article air brushed over the most significant initiative to improve access to primary care in the last two decades. Health Minister Abbott in 2003 though the introduction of the then Enhanced Primary Care Scheme extended access to allied health under Medicare for the first time ever.

    The Law of Inverse Care were most health care providers base their services in more wealthy and healthy communities was particularly apparent with allied health care. It was a major improvement in service equity and targeted Australians with chronic health problems (more prevalent in lower socioeconomic communities).

    What will Labor’s legacy be in primary health care from 07-13. Freezing rebates this year, The super-clinic boondoggle and medicare locals (yet to see any more services than those provided by Divisons they replaced). The Labor primary care initiative I do applaud was introducing a supplementary scheme associated with Health Checks for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. That said its architecture is largely based on the Abbott’s scheme.


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