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    Jillian Horton

    As a clinical psychologist of over 25 years experience, I used online video calls with some of my clients during April. Those who used it didnt like it at all. Problems finding a confidential space at home, not being able to do some of the therapy properly and feeling disconnected from the session. I found it much harder to observe the client, and shared their sense of disconnect. Research shows a vital ingredient in effective therapy is the therapeutic relationship with another human being. Can online platforms provide this? We will end up spending a lot of money asking people to try to have a relationship a computer screen. Surely one of things we have learnt from COVID is people need face to face connection!!

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    Jillian Horton

    The Federal governments own review a few year ago found that Medicare funded sessions with a clinical psychologist was the most economical and cost effective way to get people to see highly qualified mental health professionals. 100% of the rebate goes to direct clinical care. Money going th Primary Health Networks and other such organisations use significant Government money on administration costs and non-direct care. Please speak to some clinical Psychologist or the APS about this. I am weary of only hearing from psychiatrists.


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