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    aaaah finally a positive and common-sense approach regarding this recent new strategy – thank you! Ever since the release of the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy, we’ve been bombarded with negative articles on breastfeeding. Apparently, highlighting the vast benefits of breastfeeding is making mums who didn’t “feel bad”…. Apparently education is suddenly a bad thing? Mention breastfeeding in the media, and it must be followed by a huge BUT to appease the women who didn’t…….

    I don’t know how anybody could complain about a strategy designed to help women- nobody is going to force women who don’t want the help to get it, but surely if rates of breastfeeding can be improved that can’t be a bad thing. Complaining about this goverment initiative is akin to complaining about healthy eating campaigns because they might offend people with obesity.

    You are so right: The breast has become so sexualised that so many people cannot get their head around its primary purpose. And hopefully, with the help of the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy, more people will come to acknowledge the vast benefits to not just the child but the mother too…women need to be given all of the facts about breastfeeding outcomes compared to formula feeding, not the barrage of personal anecdotes from some media commentators writing blogs for the sunday news.
    Unfortunately I wait with bated breath for the comments posted on here from formula-feeding mums, angry that your common-sense post ‘makes’ them feel inadequate or guilty…..even the few positive articles I’ve read thus far has been inundated with the same.

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    So true… why do some people get so het up about a baby breastfeeding in public? Isn’t that what breasts are designed for? I think if we saw more mums & babies breastfeeding, we’d get more used to it and no-one would care. I think our breastfeeding rates would improve too, partly because we’d have more idea about how it’s done before we actually have to do it ourselves (!), and partly because it would make breastfeeding more a part of normal life.


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