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    Andrew Pengilley

    The basic brief for all recent Australian governments has been to mediate the ‘externalities’ to the market so as to avoid the messy process of corporate responsibility. In a truely free market you pay for your waste, and you are responsible for your products. In the Australian version bureaucrats will help corporations draw a polite veil of ignorance over unpleasant market information, such as selling junk food is profitable but it makes people fat. As with cigarettes, this kind of mercantilism will only be settled by class actions in court. See if you can convince a judge that marketing doesn’t work and the food industry pays gazillions of dollars for it because they just want to ‘inform’ the public.

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    I’m not 100% sure about the point that MNCs are “downright unethical” for their “sophisticated marketing techniques”.

    I just thought that the spotlight should also be thrown, not only at the MNCs and their adverts, but parents who are so prone to succumb to their child’s pestering. Is bad parenting one of the factors leading to an increased risk in childhood obesity?

    It is possible to stop MNCs and their ads, but can you stop the hand that feeds the child?


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