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    1 Thanks for highlighting the fiction of ‘front line roles’ As the Newmanator knows from his experience as a trained killer, no effective army is made up solely of front line troops. No organisation can run without support staff and it is a dangerous fallacy presented to an unthinking public.

    2 You’ve interestingly raised the ‘Close the Gap’ issue. Will Newman be able to implement this budget and meet his close the gap COAG commitments? In fact, more broadly, which of these changes originated in the National Health Reform Agreement and will the Budget affect Queensland’s ability to meet its COAG NHRA commitments

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    The national efficient price is being used as an excuse to cut services, which is not its intention. The people calculating this price recognise that costs will vary across Australia and have developed an apparatus of cost weightings so that services which are expensive because of geography or logistics are still delivered. Qld health costs are bound to be expensive as the state has the most scattered population in the country.

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    Excellent article, Professor Amanda Lee. One can only hope the political pendulum swings back as violently as before, to throw this Newman (Ed: a word deleted here – Croakey tries to keep commentary civil) out of office.

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    Mack the Knife

    I am an amputee and for reasons beyond my control the acquittal of my new prosthetic leg will be outside of Campbell’s new 90 day rule.

    After 90 days people now have to pay for the prosthetics themselves.

    I also have a partial foot amputation and I do wonder why this ** (Ed: word deleted – Croakey tries to keep conversations civil) who champions disabilities in his rhetoric, wants to sink the boot into people like me.

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    Yes Minister

    (A section of this comment has been deleted by the Croakey moderator for legal reasons)…. its hardly surprising its taking Newman / Seeney / Nicholls so long to get their stories right on why its essential they flog off the good bits. Note this is not the only Queensland asset thats apparently already been ‘sold’, there have been high level meetings between executives from Singapore Power & Energex / Ergon since late 2012.

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    Yes Minister

    According to a recent Fairfax report, a complaint has been lodged with the CMC by a certain senior federal politician regarding ‘interesting’ matters pursuant to the proposed privatization of certain areas of Queensland Health. Judging from the extremely drawn out investigation of a number of previously reported issues concerning the Queensland LNP gubmunt, its unlikely we’ll hear anything more about this latest matter for some time, however its encouraging to see the wheels grinding. One can only hope that the CMC has not been compromized … its clear a number of people would love to see the organization disbanded.

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    Fascinating to see QHealth scrap free sexual health services like Bialla Clinic in the sunshine state, where the world comes to frolic and holiday, and be at risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
    Until the budget unwise unprotected sex issues could be addressed immediately. This budget cut will impact negatively on community health. Did we learn nothing from the spread of HIV and chlamydia? Why is syphilis increasing? Rampant Stupidity Newman!


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