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    The industry’s main concern is that enactment of plain pack legislation in Australia will create a decidedly unwelcome domino effect in other countries.

    In October 2010 Nicola Roxon reported interest in Australia’s proposed legislation from health ministers attending an OECD conference in Paris, and the websites of ASH Australia and Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada describe further interest among legislators in the EU, France, the UK, Belgium and New Zealand since the proposal was announced here last year.

    As has been the case with graphic warnings and other existing tobacco control measures, establishing a precedent in one country makes it far easier for the public health community in others to make the case with policy makers for similar legislation.

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    When the CEO of BAT shows the Coke can in the same colour as the supposed cigarette packs it is a mark of desperation. He should know that while coke isn’t good for you it is much healthier option than his product which he is trying so Desperately to save from these new laws. His point is flawed and he should know it.


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