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    20 to 25 years stolen by drugs with insanity in them,by smart people, and that/which statistically, will keep you sick, and return you to the mental health facility time and time again,and for the non believer, ie diagnosis, or being drugged uncomfortably for something you not only are oppressed by, but for the rest of your life whether you agree or not, is nothing short of criminal. Especially when knowing how you feel and what you believe, they wont even allow that to be put to a fair and honest light of the fact their client is unhappy with what they are doing to them, and offer their victims some hope and support to get away from what is keeping them tired, depressed,isolated and alienated. They haven’t even opened psychotropic withdrawal centers, in honesty of their drugs being just as bad as, if not worse than any drugs out there. What, and now all of a sudden, it matters. So what, that didn’t matter for the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

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    johnny, your comment could have been written by thousands of people in the last 50 years, the emotion and despair revealed by you repeated by them. You’re wrong about only one point…it has not been the last 50 years, as you said, it has been almost 100 years.
    In 2010 Australia and New Zealand Health Policy published research regarding mental ill health “The trend in mental health-related mortality rates in Australia 1916-2004: implications for policy”. This peer-reviewed article was published immediately upon acceptance. Results:”This study finds the temporal trend in mental health-related death rates (which reflects the longevity of people with mental illness) has worsened through time. THERE ARE NO GAINS” [emphasis added].
    Throughout the 20th century, one filled with new medical, surgical and pharmaceutical ‘miracles’, there were lower death rates and extended life expectancy. For the mentally ill; “there are no gains”.
    To reverse this,the authors suggest improved access to interventions and therapies, development of new, efficacious therapies and suicide prevention therapies, knowledge of causative factors of mental disorders and resources to address knowledge gaps. A lack of such ‘resources’, that is, funding, has caused this tragedy which has now run for almost a century.
    Australia is clearly aiming for a second century of the same; presently fewer than 40% of our some 650,000 severely mentally ill receive any specialised treatment(Mental Health Council of Australia, 2009).
    Who will be the first bureaucrat or politician to suggest we could save many more millions by treating only 30% of our severely mentally ill?
    Australia is a country of shame.

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    Thank you Croakey.
    Thank you johnny and thank you caroline.
    Thank you so much.


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