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    Frank Campbell

    You see it every day around here- farmers and others charging about on quad-bikes, no helmets, steep hills, damned fast. Often with kids on board.

    The rural mentality is nothing if not intransigent. They’re dickheads and proud of it.

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    Just Me

    Quad bikes and their riders (or their parents) tend to be pretty irresponsible, I have to say. I deal with them and the consequences of their irresponsibility almost every day. Unfortunately it often involves children riding alone on large machines, including on public land, in poor riding conditions, without even helmets sometimes, let alone full safety gear… You get the picture.

    Big problem in rural areas.

    The design safety of quad bikes certainly needs improving, in particular roll cages are probably needed. But the real issue is how they are used – the riders’ behaviour.

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    Just Me

    riding alone = riding unsupervised


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