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    This is quite a bizarre interpretation of what has been going on in Qld Health over the last three years.

    As far as the government is concerned performance of the service has been distilled down to two indicators – surgical waiting lists and emergency department access times – both are extremely vulnerable to manipulation and in any case are questionable indicators of health service outcomes.

    Bringing the service to the brink of collapse through the dispute with medical staff was at best clumsy and at worst reckless. The only people that were ‘brave’ there were the medical staff that were prepared to put their careers on the line to protect the interests of patients and the future of the service. Notwithstanding that the damage that was done to Q health as a provider and an employer was irreparable and will take many years to be realised.

    The reason the minister can be seen to have been ‘brave’ is that the Office of the DG has essentially now become a political appointment that has taken over much of what a minister would previously have done and even that office is insulated from the day to day activity of the service by the hospital boards – which in many cases have hardly distinguished themselves – witness the executive disarray in Metro North and the appalling handling of clinical governance issues in Rockhampton and Cairns (all of which are unfinished issues).

    Andrew – whilst I know you were once intrinsically involved with Queensland Health this account really shows how far removed from it you now are. Lucky you!


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