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    Trevor Kerr

    As for the H1N1 vaccine in Australia, it’s all water under a rolled-gold bridge.
    How about turning the focus to Chlamydia (as a cause of human STIs)? It’s being beaten up by the SMH, so maybe there’s something on the horizon. The “something” as sure as heck will not be Ansell’s share price, or a DoHA initiative to get more sex hygiene in schools. It sure would be interesting to line up all the parties in the STI domain, and determine which were in direct opposition to others. For instance, how would the makers of test kits be rated for their contributions to prevention? The same question could have been asked about HPV, but, again, a torrent of cash under another solid-gold, tax-payer funded bridge to share-holder value.

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    Trevor Kerr

    From Australian Prescriber, Dec09, p166.

    “The actual effectiveness of the vaccine to protect against influenza A H1N1 virus will not be known until after a mass immunisation program has taken place. Vulnerable groups of patients such as pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with impaired immunity were not included in the trial so it is not known how the vaccine will perform in these individuals.”

    Who is looking after the post-marketing surveillance?

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    Trevor Kerr

    Says here (Merck upgraded on drug pipeline, shares rise) that one of their new drugs is “staph infection vaccine V710”.
    Expect a white-coat special at 6.30, explaining the deadly consequences of “staph infection”, but no comment on the basics of prevention, like better hand hygiene.

    Also, at
    “In June 2006, Gardasil was approved for females aged 9 to 26 to protect against human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer and genital warts. Since then, Merck has been trying to get those approvals expanded. In September 2009, Merck received approval to market Gardasil for males aged 9 to 26. But earlier, the FDA withheld approval for its use by women from 27 to 45, asking Merck to submit data when a 48-month study is completed. However, according to a shorter study published in June, Gardasil was 90% effective in preventing infection in women from 24 to 45.”
    Preventing infection? So, mature, fun-loving women don’t have to use barrier protection any more?

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    Trevor Kerr

    In passing, Sunlight Foundation has their Real Time Congress iPhone app. Three clicks across to Senate reports, GAO, is ‘Brand-Name Prescription Drug Pricing: Lack of Therapeutically Equivalent Drugs and Limited Competition May Contribute to Extraordinary Price Increases’.
    Sunlight also wrote on ‘Database used to track contractor fraud poorly managed, filled with inaccuracies’.

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    An interesting post on related issues – the WHO, global pandemic response, role of pharma etc – which was put up at two US public health blogs:

    Well worth a read


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