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    Trevor Kerr

    Agree with Wodak.

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    Captain Col

    I remember the drinking age of 21 in Queensland, whilst other states were at 18. Why don’t you draw statistics from that era (about 1967-9) and see if there was any difference with say NSW. I can’t say that the law stopped me drinking illegally in Q after I had started as an 18 year old in NSW.

    A drinking age of 21 also smacks of nanny statism. We generally accept that people become adults at 18 despite 21st birthdays still being popular rites of passage. We would need a very good reason to revert to 21. Go back and look at the reasons we changed from 21 to 18. Have any of them changed?

    To reduce road accidents of the 18-21 cohort there are other more effective measures including licence restrictions for those with poor records. But it would be wrong to try to impose blanket restrictions on an adult age cohort.

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    From my limited observations of teenage drinkers, the current legal drinking age is irrelevant. Most younger people I know start drinking when they are younger than 18 so raising it to 21 will mean nothing.

    Ironically, my daughter (who started drinking while an exchange student in Germany when she was 16 – the legal age there), only slowed her drinking when she got her licence (zero tolerence in Victoria). She still drank whe she was out, but took alternative transport but, on thse occassions she was driving, she didn’t drink and it broke the association of having to drink to have a good time.


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