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    Simon Chapman

    Huge kudos to Don Nutbeam for kicking this into the public arena. Everything I have heard about Nicola Roxon’s office, including the conversations I’ve had with staff, suggests that there is the best fit we have seen since Neal Blewett’s time as federal health minister between political will and the population-health perspective. The Preventative (sic) Health Task Force reports are mostly brimming with visionary analysis and recommendations. She is getting great advice.

    So why this inexcusable delay with the Nutbeam report which would seem to dovetail with so much else that’s on high simmer? Is it the perennial horsemen riding the Rule of Rescue toward the inexhaustible agenda of acute care crises that we should look to in trying to understand why prevention and public health always get tickets in the back stalls, far away from the real action on centre stage? When prevention gets a soulmate in the health ministry, hopes are high for this to change. When will the curtain finally rise to show something different?

    Simon Chapman

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    Chris Twomey

    Thank you for making this public.

    We were very distressed by the recent decision axing of PHERP – its frustrating to know that this evidence and evaluation was sitting there at the time this decision was made.

    Let us hope this flushes out a response and the release of the report – certainly there will be some awkward questions to be answered in Senate Estimates next week.

    For the record the Greens have been calling for PHERP to be continued …


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