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    Norman Hanscombe

    Having lived and worked in rural areas such as Pilliga Scrub Timber Camps and western NSW mining/rabbiting/wheat, abattoir, industrial and fruit picking communities, I know how important a role the ABC can be.
    That said, while the ABC can be introducing new programmes such as “Bogan Date” [which is NOT related to Bogan Gate, another community about which I enjoy fond memories] I shall remain convinced that if any worthwhile contributors to rural life are axed, it’s not Government Funding which should be blamed.

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    Norman . . You and I both know the ‘Bush’ lives or dies on reliable access to information and literally, it means life or death. If Gordon’s comment is about pinning blame on one or another . . how high up the tree would you rate Warren Truss and National Party?

    Blame is a useless emotion. ABC and high speed NBN is what isolated peoples need most. Why is the Govt. standing aside from a situation of their own making?

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    Norman Hanscombe

    graybul, I don’t “know” that it’s much use to assert as you do that literally the Bush [whatever you mean by that term] lives or dies on reliable access to information in a manner which is somehow different from the rest of us
    Regardless of how I “rate Warren Truss and National Party”, I believe most people in the Bush would place them ahead of Labor’s Powerbroker Bosses.
    As you say, “Blame is a useless emotion”, but analysing where it should lie is needed, and Labor’s NBN scheme, like our Pink Batts and School Building Revolutions, was primarily an attempt to buy votes regardless of us knowing these schemes were wrong.

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    Norman . . Obfuscation? You are fully aware of the colloquial term ‘the bush’ so will refrain . . but on reflection, such term might extend to say the western suburbs of some major cities wherein mainly labor voters pursue their dream. ‘Cause generally, that’s all there is available!

    Most, living in the ‘bush’ in my experience, don’t give a rat’s . . about political parties, but they do feel strongly about politicians utter indifference to residents living in small isolated communities, cattle stations et al. Mate, can’t let you get away with comment about NBN, Pink Batts and School Building Revolutions. Wrong they were not! The latter two lacked appropriate oversight/accountability, nevertheless their purpose ie to rapidly disburse monies to sustain and strengthen the economy at time of a global financial meltdown was essential . . and successful.

    The NBN was and remains an essential Nation building project. To the nation’s cost, Turnbull has deep-sixed and indefinitely delayed the inevitable!

    Gregory’s comment is accurate, pertinent and shares the ‘Bush’ deep concern that withdrawal of ABC services will inevitably create further disadvantage, now and into the future . . all of which translates into a health issue.

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    Norman Hanscombe

    graybul, if you genuinely don’t know about the scandalous background to the NBN, Pink Batts and School Building Revolution scams, you didn’t follow them carefully enough. The quantum spent wasn’t the scandal, it was HOW it was miss-spent.
    Labor’s NBN roll out, by the way was good politics but Economic stupidity.


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