Professional Services

Croakey collaborates with various colleagues to offer a range of professional services that are in line with our core mission of engaged, informed, constructive public debate and innovative practice.

These services are offered by extremely experienced and skilled members of the Croakey connective, and can be tailored to your organisational or individual needs. They include:

  • One-on-one tuition
  • Group workshops at your location
  • Personalised screencasts viewed on our YouTube channel
  • Webinars
  • eBook/pdf documentation
  • Access to online resources

Below is a range of training options and services on offer. We are also open to suggestions and discussing other services within our remit.

  1. Social media training

    • A beginner’s introduction to Twitter
    • Using Twitter for advocacy and engagement

  2. Writing and journalism

    • Citizen journalism
    • Write effectively
    • Medical storytelling
    • Writing and communicating about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health

  3. Publishing - books, reports

    • Reports on conferences and other events
    • Print-on-demand book and report publishing
    • Editing
    • Book design and layout
    • eBooks

  4. Advocacy

    • Developing an advocacy strategy
    • Developing a media and communications strategy
    • Auditing your advocacy and/or communications strategy
    • Improving your public speaking and presentation skills

  5. Graphic design - documents, presentations and infographics

    • Design fundamentals – fonts, colours and layouts
    • Better MS Word document design
    • Create better Powerpoint presentations
    • Creating better infographics and data representations

  6. Building and maintaining your website

    • Auditing your website
    • How to set up a new website using the Wordpress CMS, including domain registration and website hosting. (We can also assist with websites that use Joomla CMS).
    • Understanding the Wordpress admin area
    • WordPress templates
    • Extending WordPress through the use of plugins

  7. Basic html coding - under the hood of websites

    • Great for those in your organisation who want to get under the hood of your website
    • Understanding html basics – what makes your website tick.
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – Learning about website styles – colours, fonts and layout.
    • Advanced coding – modifying WordPress.

Graphic design, web development and other web training and services are carried out by Mitchell Ward, Croakey’s creative director and web developer. More info here.

You may require a combination of the Croakey Professional Services. We can suggest a program to suit your needs. If you’d like to find out more, please fill out the form below or email us directly –

For examples of the work of Croakey Professional Services, see:

• A report for the Barang Regional Alliance on the Empower Youth Summit, held in February 2019 – see the report. Reporting by Summer May Finlay, design by Mitchell Ward, editing by Melissa Sweet.

Twenty per cent of the charge for these services goes towards the Croakey funding pool, to help pay for the ongoing costs of website maintenance and development.

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