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    Tully Rosen

    Some good news for once!

    As of last Friday the Select Council on Housing and Homelessness Ministers have agreed to fund the National Partnership agreement for one more year (2013-2014) and to begin renegotiating a new longer-term NPA.

    While it is great that Federalism won’t antagonise the good work that is already being done, there is much much more to do. However you cut it there is not enough affordable housing and a pittance of social housing in our systems.

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    Leo Braun

    “It’s clear we need a stronger commitment to address this significant social issue”! As a matter of fact earlier in the year Campbell Newman chosen pollies outperformed each other to pound on a chest within the tactically choreographed gestures of assurance that people’s interest was in their heart. Yet in reality crucial human rights were violated, trampled and obliterated by the devious pollies. Unaccountable for their actions, due to the absence Charter of Rights & Obligations!

    Sadly, intervention sought at the local electorate office (MP responsible for the Public Housing) resulted in the ongoing stonewalling. So much for the representative democracy system allure — ultimately to be told that no appointment could be made this year. Sought to confront the illusive Member for Brisbane Central. Lacking adherence to the elementary “code of conduct”. That actually doesn’t exist, neither set criteria, facilitating constituents necessity to meet their MP. What makes one to realise how vulnerable duped citizens are


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