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    O'Brien Louise

    I believe the real answer is to get Colgate and Oral B to market their products directly to children in schools with marketing material that encourages children to brush and floss their teeth. If every child brushed and flossed their their twice a day, they will be likely have good teeth. Dentist are out to make as much money as possible and we have an oversupply of dentists in Australia which is why the government is now paying for children’s dental care.

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    O'Brien Louise

    Dentists providing the government funded dental services must only charge the scheduled fee.

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    lohyn roman

    You talk as if dental decay is something that you can catch from someone or something that can come out of the blue and is totally unexpected. It’s not. Dental decay is almost entirely self inflicted and if you don’t deal with the cause, almost certainly bad diet and lack of proper care, ie brushing and flossing, then the problem will just continue. I can’t see why the taxpayer should reward self neglect and ignorance. If you actually want to achieve something then make brushing and diet education part of the primary school curriculum. That would actually do something useful so it safe to assume it will never happen. Tim Woodruff’s smear about fee for service is just a cliched reflex from someone who thinks the government, ie the taxpayer, should always fix everything and that nothing is ever someone’s personal responsibility. You want to see how this system would work out then go and have some dental treatment done on the NHS in the UK. Presumably after dentistry then why not make physio a universal entitlement or chiropractic or a range of any other health services, massage….all these things contribute to well being, why not them as well? Gym memberships paid for by the government make more sense than Tim Woodruff’s suggestion, unless you really hate the private care sector in which case his comments make sense. As for Louise’s comment about dentists being out to make as much money as possible – how shocking – you set up practice, spending $500,000 to $1,000,000, employ several staff and then you want to make as much money as you can. How outrageous. Dentists should instead follow the example of politicians and the heads of our public service who constantly insist on being paid less. What a stupid comment!

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    First of all, demonize dentists as money grabbing and then force them to accept a lower fee than the service actually costs. No mention has been made of the dentist generosity in accepting a lower fee, rather just let us nail the bastards. Well done. If a dentist has 80% overheads for a 5 day week, then he/she earns their income on Friday only.
    Why don’t you say “all tradesmen calling at a house will only charge $50”? Most tradies actually charge $120 for the first 10 minutes.. accountants charge $350 per hour and lawyers more but under your Dictatorship everyone “must charge only the scheduled fee”. Under my Fuhrer-ship, all employees, including you will earn $20 per hour. How does that fit?
    Yes, I am a dentist with a staff payroll of $500,000 …. all earning over $35 per hour; 2 at the front desk, 1 doing admin and 1 chair side, so I have to earn $140 per hour just to pay the staff ……… and worse, the patient has missed their appointment. Me in bed with government or insurance? No, I am leaving my noble battered profession because it has all become too hard.
    Dr Julian Perth


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