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    I agree that the needs of patients, particularly in rural areas, have been ignored. When I first came to Renmark (the Riverland of SA), I could get a GP appointment the same day, even get both my kids seen as well. Recently, I had to ring up two months in advance to get a GP appointment at all, and after that, the clinic “closed the books” and would only offer appointments occasionally, first thing in the morning if you were lucky.

    Our local health system has been completely broken down in 20 years, mostly during the Howard government. It’s hard to see how we got here, but having infrastructure gutted certainly didn’t help. Our local hospital gets less and less government support: you can’t have a baby there any more, it’s hard to get emergency treatment, and you get sent to the next town for most things. Yet 20 years ago we had an excellent health service, a thriving and efficient hospital. What has changed?

    Our population continues to grow. Where have the resources gone, to support it?


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