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    Doctor Whom

    I haven’t got time to read then USA report just now. [ I’d like you to think I’m far to busy with saving lives- or dollars- but truth is I’m sitting on the back deck under the grape vines and wisteria, sipping cheap red after a BBQ and fiddling on my eeepc]

    But. Isn’t the figures of lives saved a bit misleading? Most people die someday. Would these lives saved have lived forever? Possibly not.

    [Although here in Oz both Mal (the original one not the new one – although I’d guess Wilson Tuckey hates them both equally) and Gough look like they might. ]

    Those 49,000 to 115,000 might have perhaps only lived a few more agonising low quality weeks if thing had been “safer” might they not?

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    Doctor Whom

    ooh how did I accidently do a blockquote?


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