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    Oliver Frank

    Rather than dividing medicines arbitrarily into ‘medicines’ and ‘complementary medicines’, with different requirements for evidence of the safety and effectiveness of the medicines in each group, the most logical approach would be to have only one category of ‘medicines’, with the same requirements for the manufacturer or promoter of each medicine to show evidence of the safety and the effectiveness of that medicine. Then the listing for each medicine could say something like:

    “Proposed indication(s): X
    Evidence of safety: Y
    Evidence of effectiveness for each proposed indication: Z”

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    Nice piece Rebecca. I contributed to Ken’s costs, but I’ve got a decent income so could afford it. But the challenge will be to get lots of people willing to contribute a modest amount to such incidents. Getting a sandwich and a coffee usually takes you past $10 these days, and is never missed. But there needs to be some painless mechanism (like Get Up) within public health, for 1000s in the community and the health professions who admire the guts of people like Ken and would be privately horrified at seeing people like him ruined by having the courage he has SLAPPED. I was hoping your piece was going to outline the architecture & governance for something like that … it would be great if a few peopel might suggest some ideas


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